Posted by: Anastasia Bodnar | October 4, 2008


AAS went to see Religuous on opening night at the lovely Fleur Cinema and Cafe in Des Moines. At the following meeting, we discussed Bill Maher’s call to atheist action, which ultimately led to the creation of a new type of meeting, in which club members and others will be invited to speak to our group about specific topics that will help us in situations like debates.



  1. Would these meetings be open to the general public, or just members of the student organization?

  2. Paul, the meetings are open to the general public. We welcome people from the community as well as students to our meetings. The only thing community members can not do is become club officers, per university rules. Club membership in AAS is a term used loosely, anyway, since we have people who come to every meeting, people who come only occasionally, and people who come once or twice out of curiosity. We welcome them all, as all add a unique perspective to our discussions.


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