Posted by: Anastasia Bodnar | November 20, 2008

Call for interviewees

Rashah McChesney is in an advanced reporting class in the journalism school.  She is currently working on a story about how religion and politics come into play when someone is choosing a presidential candidate.  More specifically, her story is focusing on how non-Christians react to choosing between two Christian candidates. Please contact her at rashah.mcchesney at gmail if you agree to be interviewed.

Note: This post previously refered to Rashah McChesney using male pronouns when Rashah McChesney is in fact a female.



  1. Rashah’s female :)

  2. Well, darn. Before I posted this, I was concerned that I might get it wrong, so I totally searched for “Rashah McChesney ISU” and found a news story of someone with the same name getting a prize or something for journalism, and the picture was definitely male! Can’t beleive everything on the internet :) Thanks for letting me know, Gavin.

  3. Heh. It might actually have been me. The shaved head usually throws people off ^_^

  4. In my defense, it was a blurry pic from far away. Awesome that you have a shaved head! I always wanted to but couldn’t quite break through the social taboos.

    Your photographs are wonderful. I look forward to seeing more :)


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